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Pileus Technologies is your trusted local Microsoft Azure support and consulting services company in the Ponca City, OK area. Our Azure consultants will help you get the most out of all this robust cloud platform has to offer. Contact us today!

Power your business with cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a great tool for your business

Whether it is an all-in cloud deployment or just a hosted email, most businesses are utilizing cloud services in their environments. If your company, like many others, is considering a permanent move to a remote workforce, you are likely considering a move to the cloud. And Azure may be the solution for you.

Microsoft Azure is a full-service cloud offering. It has over 200 different products like cloud servers, applications, chatbots, machine learning tools, desktops and much more. With datacenters serving 140 countries, Azure is an excellent fit for your business.

Migration can be tough, but Pileus Technologies can help

Despite Azure's allure, it does not come without challenges. Migrating your servers, data, applications and even your desktops to the cloud can be a hard task. For many small to medium-sized businesses, they just do not have the IT staff with the right skills to make the leap alone. That is where we can help you.

Pileus Technologies Microsoft Azure support solution

You know your business, and we know Azure. We will take the time to understand your business first. Then we will develop an action plan to migrate your environment with zero unplanned downtime.

There are three primary ways to migrate your computing environment to Microsoft Azure. From longest to shortest time to completion:

Attrition/ New – You can maintain your existing environment, and any new computing resources you need can be created in Azure.

This also goes for attrition. When one of your systems reaches its end of life, you can replace it in Azure. While this is the safest option, we do not recommend it. It could take years and does not effectively utilize Azure. However, our cloud engineers can develop a plan for this if you decide it is the best option for you.


The fastest and most efficient way to make use of Azure’s resources is to migrate your full computing environment at once. Our team can prepare a solution to migrate your entire server and application environment in one cutover, with no downtime to your team or your customers. This option carries more risk and is more suited to smaller and less complex environments.


Our team can create a hybrid solution where we move the simpler workflows to Azure first and the more complex workflows in stages. This will let you get comfortable with the service and help you better understand the billing process. This is the solution most businesses choose and the one we recommend.

Get started with Microsoft Azure Support & Consulting Services from Pileus Technologies

No matter which migration method you choose, our team can develop a plan to serve you, and we will be here to support your team after implementation as well. By partnering with a local resource that understands your values and your business, you can focus on what is most important, your customers. Let us help you harness the power of Microsoft Azure to save money, upgrade your technology and make your employees more productive, all the while servicing your customers. Contact us today!